It is our great honour to have prominent public figures as members of the River of Diamonds Club. Our distinguished members are ambassadors, artists, pianists, business people, architects, and from many other industries. Find out more about them here.

Links of websites:

  1. Celebrated British artist/fashion designer Benjamin Shine. His most recent exhibition, titled "Seeing Through the Material”, features five faces, each delicately crafted from a single sheet, displayed at the world's top luxury boutique, Bergdorf Goodman, on Fifth Avenue in New York. Link here!
  2. Maribelle Lieberman – founder of Mariebelle’s Chocolates and Cacao Market. Maribelle Lieberman was named one of the 25 most influential Latin American Women in the world 2016. (
  3. Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism – E. Vuong Duy Bien.
  4. President of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association – Le Huy Tiep.
  5. Artist Nguyen Thu Thuy – Winner of Guinness World Records for the “World's largest ceramic mosaic”.
  6. H.E. Ambassador Hasanthi Dissanayake - Ambassador of Sri-Lanka to Vietnam.
  7. American architect Carlos Zapata, who has designed many famous buildings around the world including the famous Bitexco Financial Tower in Ho Chi Minh City, the JW Marriott Hanoi, and the Hanoi Convention Center. Link here!