Hoi An ancient city, not only preserves a rich cultural and architectural heritage but is also gifted by nature with unique soil and climate conditions of the sun-soaked and breezy central region, imparting distinctive flavors to various spices and herbs. The captivating aroma and exceptional benefits of Hoi An's herbs have inspired Vietnam's MasterChef Pham Tuan Hai which led to the birth Moc Garden, a distinctive “garden in the city” culinary space. MasterChef Tuan Hai and his dedicated team have crafted a menu that celebrates the herbs, vegetables, and spices of Central Vietnam, offering dishes that are flavorful, aesthetically pleasing, and nutritionally rich.

Drawing on the symbolism of “Hung Que” leaves, their vibrant green representing the abundance of local herbs, and the earthy browns evoking the essence of wood, soil, and the rustic baskets traditionally used for herb harvesting, Mộc Garden is intimately intertwined with the genuine and unassuming spirit of Hoi An.

Mộc Garden aspires to be a destination where diners can experience the essence of herbal spices, delve into the history and local culture, creating a multidimensional and unique experience.

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