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Six hundred years ago, the ancient Hoi An, with its geographical features of an open land, is a place of convergence between various cultures, customs, lifestyles and architectures of the Cham ethnic groups, Portugal, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese. Centuries later, Hoi An is still an exceptionally well-preserved example of the once busiest trading port with delightful cultural diversities. Recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1999, Hoi An has now become one of Asia’s most fascinating destinations.

Lantern festivals: Taking place every month, on the night of the full moon when buzzing motorbikes fall silent, and bright lights are swapped with silk lanterns and tea-light candles.

Puppet show: 2 minute walk from the resort, guests can enjoy a unique folk art form of the Vietnamese which is associated with the long history of wet rice civilization of Vietnam.

An Bang Beach: a great escape to go to the beach to relax and feel the sea, sand and sun. Complimentary shuttle bus to the beach is available from 9.00AM.

Hoi An Street food: Some of the country’s loveliest food.

The night market: filled with beautiful handmade arts and crafts but the real charm lies in the colorful lanterns that adorn all the buildings and streets.

Tailor shops: Hoi An is known to be the tailoring mecca. Hop in any tailor shops, pick your favorite design, measure, and come back 2 hours later to collect your outfits.

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What to do in Hoi An
The ancient town: Just 7 minute walk from the resort, the ancient town attracts hundreds of guests everyday from all over…


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